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The IT industry is abuzz with discussion of digital transformation. SMBs and Midmarket firms are adopting digital transformation for operational efficiency, customer intimacy, employee empowerment and product innovation. There are nearly as many definitions of DX as there are firms looking to profit from the trend. Techaisle views digital transformation as the use and integration of digital business processes across an enterprise.

In this context, DX is the extension of digitalization, which in turn is the business use of data generated through digitization. Initially technology use enhances current (manual) procedures – digitization which changes the form of delivery without changing associated processes. But digitalization refers to using deployed technology to improve existing processes – specifically, using digital technologies to automate processes and using the resulting digital information for better business outcomes by inserting technology into existing processes to optimize value. Digital transformation refers to integrating digitalized processes to achieve enterprise-wide automation spanning multiple functions and modernizing of current processes & supporting infrastructure to achieve previously unattainable or unimaginable outcomes.

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