SMB and Midmarket - 5 Key Mobility Trends Infographic

SMB and Midmarket - 5 Key Mobility Trends Infographic

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Based on extensive survey data on mobility adoption and trends among SMBs, midmarket businesses Techaisle has put together 5 key trends.

To learn more or get data on current and planned usages of each check out Techaisle’s SMB Mobility Adoption Study:

Mobility addresses a clear need within SMBs and midmarket businesses, and these firms are in turn responding with growing investments, especially in applications and solutions. However, SMBs need help from suppliers in expanding and hardening their mobile infrastructure. The number of applications that run on mobile devices is increasing dramatically – likely, beyond the capabilities of the IT staff responsible for deploying, integrating and security these applications and the corporate data that they access. There are solutions available to help automate the key tasks inherent in this mobility challenge, and SMBs are investing in them – but they don’t have a clear path to identifying suppliers who are able to work with them in reducing IT overhead and mitigating exposure from careless or neglectful users.

Drilling down into mobility, Techaisle sees that SMB investments cover three essential areas:

  • Devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, used by employees
  • Applications available to staff members
  • Mobility solutions that provide the management, security and infrastructure needed to connect mobile devices and applications into the corporate IT environment

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