SMB Mobility Application Usage Clusters Infographic

SMB Mobility Application Usage Clusters Infographic

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Based on extensive survey data on mobility adoption and trends among SMBs, midmarket businesses Techaisle has segmented applications being used into specific clusters.

To learn more or get data on current and planned usages of each check out Techaisle’s SMB Mobility Adoption Study:

The Techaisle SMB mobility survey tracks 20 types of mobile applications. Although there is always overlap between different feature sets and application types, its possible – and useful – to group these into four categories:

  1. Core business applications that address tasks common to most businesses. Core business applications tracked through this research include time and billing management, logistics management, accounting/finance, field service applications, vertical applications, CRM, payroll, supply chain inventory management, and HR management.
  2. Second-order applications are those that build off of core business applications, delivering increased functionality to the business by combining features and outputs from multiple core apps. Second-order applications tracked through this research include business intelligence, ERP/order management, marketing automation and payment processing.
  3. Foundational applications are those that provide functionality to users, and potentially, to other apps as well – for example, web-video conferencing can be integrated into other functional apps, or users may rely on productivity suites or collaborative applications to connect outputs from various core applications into a single process workflow. Foundational applications tracked through the Techaisle SMB 2015 survey include web/video conferencing, business productivity suites, the Microsoft Office suite, and mobile collaboration solutions.
  4. Emerging technologies are those that deliver net-new functionality that is unique to mobility or results from mobile connections. This research tracks three emerging technologies: location-enabled applications, mobile marketing and advertising and social media marketing


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