2019 US Midmarket Digital Transformation Trends

2019 US Midmarket Digital Transformation Trends

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Operational efficiency, employee empowerment, customer intimacy and product innovation form the four pillars of digital transformation within US midmarket (100-999 employees) firms.

Techaisle’s unique study, US Midmarket Digital Transformation Trends, provides readers with statistically-significant and current data on digital transformation. A sample of 876, outstanding for a single country, midmarket-specific research initiative, considered accurate at a 95% confidence level (19 times of 20) at a margin of error of +/- 3.3%.

The study reveals details about the four foundational pillars of digital transformation along with drivers, motivations, challenges, inhibitors, and business outcomes.

The first step in understanding the potential of a technology trend is identifying the extent to which technology aligns with or supports executive ‘care-abouts’: technologies that connect directly to C-level objectives are most likely to obtain corporate support. Taken together, the size/robustness of the data makes it the most reliable source of information on digitalization adoption in the US midmarket (100-999 employees).

The report covers:

  • Midmarket segment details by digitalization strategy
  • Midmarket drivers and expected outcomes of digitalization initiative
  • Primary inhibitors to digitalization by segments
  • Level of digitization of various processes
  • Level of customer facing digital presence
  • State of IT priorities, IT concepts

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