SMB Cloud Adoption Lessons for Success

SMB Cloud Adoption Lessons for Success

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  • The New SMB Imperative
  • Value Shift
  • Enablement v/s Empowerment
  • Empowerment Technologies
  • Implications for Channel Partners
  • Conclusion 
  • Figure 1: Average no. of cloud business applications
  • Figure 2: Importance of CRM for SMBs
  • Figure 3: Current cloud business application usage
  • Figure 4: Benefits from using cloud applications
  • Figure 5: Successful cloud strategy steps
  • Figure 6: Problems faced by early cloud adopters
  • Figure 7: Cloud deployment issues to avoid
  • Figure 8: Key benefits of application integration  

Early SMB cloud adopters have found that a successful cloud strategy depends upon three key factors: right vendor selection, planned and efficient deployment, and effective integration with existing cloud and on-premise systems.

Cloud Adoption Has Reached a Tipping Point
SMB Cloud Business Application adoption has reached 70 percent and in the last two years the average number of cloud business applications used by SMBs has more than doubled.

CRM at Center of Cloud Application Usage
Cloud CRM adoption is the highest, 55 percent within 50-999 employee size businesses, up from 34 percent in 2010.

Benefits Realized from Cloud Applications
Early SMB cloud adopters have greatly benefited from cloud applications. Other SMBs can learn from the experiences of these early adopters and approach cloud application adoption strategically.

Right Vendor Selection Helps Avoid Pitfalls
The right vendor selection is the most important step for achieving cloud success. If early adopter SMBs were to do it all over again, nearly 70 percent would prefer to purchase best-in-class cloud applications from a single trusted IT vendor.

Planned Deployment Drives Better Experience
Early cloud adopters concur that adequate planning and preparation would have made their implementation efforts easier and more successful.

Sound Integration Ensures Maximum Productivity
Cloud adopters experienced real tangible benefits as a result of integration– improved operational efficiency and improved productivity 

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