2015 SMB Channel Partners - Current, Planned Offerings

2015 SMB Channel Partners - Current, Planned Offerings

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Infographic presents information on current and planned technology offerings. The findings illustrate the breadth of business opportunities available to the SMB channel – and also, the essential pervasiveness of the cloud. Cloud is almost pervasive now, and therefore absent altogether from the top 10 list of anticipated new offerings – but it is at the core of many of the business activities enumerated in both the “current” and “planned” lists. Cloud is at the core of managed services and of mobility management. It is intrinsic to social media, VDI, desktop as a service and IoT. It is the best, most cost-effective and most scalable approach to supporting collaboration and BI/Big Data. And cloud enablement and management is the key objective of deployments of server virtualization and converged infrastructure, and the key requirement for (on premise/off-premise) data integration. It’s safe to ignore the absence of cloud from future plans: success in virtually all of the areas listed will hinge on a successful business approach to the cloud. 

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