SMB Transformation - Regional Drivers

SMB Transformation - Regional Drivers

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  • The New SMB Imperative
  • Value Shift
  • Enablement v/s Empowerment
  • Empowerment Technologies
  • Implications for Channel Partners
  • Conclusion¬†
  • Figure 1: SMB Transformation in Mature Markets
  • Figure 2: SMB Transformation in Emerging Markets
  • Figure 3: SMB Transformations within Countries
  • Figure 4: Key SMB Business Issues across Regions
  • Figure 5: Key Drivers Transforming SMBs

SMB transformation is global; however, the path of transformation is different. Some countries are more advanced in their transformation process while others have leap-frogged transformation and moved directly to the Cloud technologies that will provide them with the maximum value. In order to grasp this transformation we try to view the global market in the context of mature and emerging markets. We have already written about SMB transformation in mature markets. Based on surveys, the paper provides a qualitative assessment of business issues and drivers contributing to SMB Transformation in North America, EMEA, and Asia/Pacific. 

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