Influencing the US SMB IT buyer

Influencing the US SMB IT buyer

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This report provides a large-scale, statistically-reliable look at how SMBs are approaching IT purchases and how to influence their purchase behaviors. If there is one thing that we have learned in 30 years of research on the IT industry, it is that where change is constant, clarity is essential. With this report Techaisle is providing an important point of insight into how vendors can develop awareness and intercept demand in the absence of traditional campaign marketing options. A newcomer to today’s IT environment would scarcely recognize this scenario. Today, impetus for new IT solutions can come from anywhere within the enterprise, and the decisions involve tech-savvy business managers as well as IT staff. Perhaps more importantly for marketers, the information use and sources have changed almost entirely. Buyers have access to a wide range of sources (online communities and reviews, online demos and product trials, broadly-accessible reports and whitepapers, and many other content types) promoted and distributed via a dizzying array of channels – notably search, which leads in turn to a wide range of web-based resources.

The research covers numerous topic areas such as cloud, mobility, managed services, security, virtualization and analytics.

Price: US$7,500

Report is delivered in Word/PDF format

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