Techaisle has deep experience in conducting primary research with end-user organizations, consumers and channel partners across numerous countries. Leveraging our IT Panel and Cloud Computing Panels of businesses and channel partners, we conduct research via the web, phone and especially in emerging markets, face-to-face interviews. A key aspect of our studies is our capability to accurately define the demographic universe in each country allowing for proper weighting and extrapolation, which we accomplish with a team of analysts who are continuously researching and consolidating publicly available information from government and non-government organizations. Techaisle utilizes its strong analytical capabilities to uncover opportunity for clients. Our analysts regularly write actionable White Papers and Perspectives specific to each client's needs. Surveys are conducted in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Malay, Filipino, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Arabic languages.

Worldwide IT Market and Channel Partner Sizing
Market sizing is one of our core strengths, based on regularly conducted surveys. Techaisle takes primary research data and translates it into total market opportunity within a country by technology category  and by various customer segments. Techaisle has developed processes and methodologies to forecast Technology Adoption and Market Spend not only for businesses and consumers but also revenue flows through channel partners in each country. Techaisle has extended its methodology to develop one of the most robust information deliverables in the industry across 55 countries, 35 technology sub-segments and 12 market segments. Separate modules exist for SMB Cloud Computing Spend and SMB Managed Services Spend.

Segmentation is another core capability. In our survey research work we conduct interviews with large number of respondents. This enables our in-house experts to use the data collected to develop accurate predictive models for client-specific market segmentation. Such models help our clients for deeper and better target analysis of their customers based on clustering by solution type, technology adoption and purchase intentions. Our segmentation is based on algorithms that are easily understood, easily deployable and drive actual sales and market understanding.
Our Syndicated research reports provide deep dive actionable data and analytics based on extensive primary research. With actionable analysis and deeper segmentation our clients gain a better understanding of market opportunity and demand at customer level. This is especially true as opportunities move increasingly to Emerging Markets, Emerging Technologies and SMBs, at the same time consumers are transforming and channels are evolving. Our  longitudinal surveys cover consumers, businesses and channel partners across multiple countries. Our annual subscription programs include reports, point of view research briefs, white papers and presentations.

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Techaisle's Competitive Intelligence Practice provides its clients with deep insight information about Competitors strategies, both short-term and long-term, tactical and strategic. The studies are conducted through actual interviews with competitor personnel, ex-employees, channel partners, thought leaders and extensive secondary research. Techaisle gathers different types of competitive information including pricing, win-loss, benchmarking, channel programs, billing rates, market monitoring and others.

Techaisle's objective is to help Improve Business Performance through reliable predictive analytics. Our predictive modeling framework includes: Integration, Simulation, and Optimization. We have the solutions that help hit 90%+ accuracy levels. These proven solutions are based on Embedded Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) that delivers 90% levels consistently. ANNs are extremely powerful and in experienced hands it can solve most complex problems that statistical techniques cannot solve with a high degree of accuracy. Statistical techniques are useful but have inherent disadvantages which can be overcome by ANNs.

Techaisle's consulting engagement services include a combination of go-to-market strategies, workshops, strategy sessions, white papers, custom blogs. Consulting engagements help clients build viable business strategies by apply Techaisle's market understanding and data. Techaisle's packages its information into easily-digestible deliverables including workshops and training sessions. The deliverables including workshops and training sessions will be rooted in data, and consist of supporting materials that the client and its partners can use within their businesses.

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